Most people will jump in surprise if they encounter a mouse or rat in their home. Sometimes we find these reactions comical, but the instinctual revulsion we feel toward rodents might actually be a wise thing. Rats and mice aren’t just furry little critters who can surprise us with their presence. In some cases they can actually be dangerous.

Rodents carry fleas. If you have rodents, you might also end up with a flea infestation. Not only do fleas cause their own annoyances; they can actually carry diseases such as lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus. This virus can lead to meningitis and cause complications during pregnancy. And, of course, you run the risk of any pets picking up fleas as well.

Rodents contaminate your food. This fact isn’t pleasant to think about, but some experts estimate that rats and mice can contaminate ten times as much as they eat. That means if they sink their teeth into a loaf of bread or container of cereal, you can catch some pretty nasty diseases from their saliva. Some rodents in the US carry hantavirus, a rare virus which causes a pulmonary syndrome that is fatal in about a third of all cases. That’s probably the worst case scenario, but you get the picture: Rodents can and will infest your food supply.

Rodents can bite. This point might seem obvious, but it’s a fair one to make. In the event that you surprise a rodent, it might feel threatened and bite. The incident will be painful, but can also result in a trip to the doctor as well.

Handling rats or mice yourself can incur some risk, and finding all of the nests in your home can require some professional assistance. Since rodents do sometimes bite, and can transmit many diseases, we recommend that you contact pest control experts to deal with a rodent problem. Give us a call if you’re facing a potential rodent infestation, and we will help you keep your family safe.