We all have a million things to do, and it’s easy to postpone home care chores for a week or a month when other matters seem more pressing. But if you even suspect that you’ve spotted just one bed bug in your house, don’t delay! You need to go on the attack immediately.

Yes, bed bugs bite. These bugs bite you and feed on your blood while you sleep, leaving you with itchy bite marks when you awaken. Some people are even allergic to the bites, and suffer more than just itchiness.

It only takes one. Only one female bed bug can hitch a ride into your home, and spawn an infestation. If you spot even a single bed bug, there’s a 50/50 chance it’s a female who can lay eggs.

Infestations spread more quickly than you might realize. After hatching, bed bugs reach maturity in about 35 days. Then, they can live and breed in your house for about a year. Every day a female bed bug lays just one to six eggs, but that adds up quickly once those babies begin to lay their own eggs. Bed bugs are also fast, covering three to four feet in just a minute. So yes, they can get all over your house in just a day.

The longer you wait, the more difficult treatment will be. The longer you wait, you’ll suffer more bites and the problem will grow out of control. Treatment might be more difficult, time-consuming, and yes, expensive.

As you can see, it’s always wise to attack a potential bed bug infestation immediately when you suspect it. Give us a call to discuss bed bug eradication options, and we’ll help you get those obnoxious bloodsuckers out of your home.