They’re cute and fun to watch… In the yard. But when they’re in your attic, squirrels are not so adorable. They can annoy you, make a mess, create destruction, and potentially even introduce diseases. So if you notice these signs of a squirrel invasion, you need professional pest control services right away.

Strange noises. If you’re hearing thumping, scampering, and scratching noises in the early morning or evening, this is a sure sign that squirrels or some other type of small mammal have moved in. They are most active during these times, so that’s when you tend to hear strange noises most often.

A stinky smell. As you might expect, squirrels aren’t exactly house broken. Wherever they sleep and nest, they will also use the bathroom nearby. If you smell the unmistakable odor of urine and feces in your attic or other areas around your home, squirrels are a likely culprit. You might also view droppings when inspecting areas of concern.

You witness increased squirrel activity. Watch the squirrels in your yard, and notice where they tend to go. What you may find is that they scamper about, gathering food for a while, and then head back to your roof or eaves. You can possibly even locate their entry points this way. Skilled pest control services can also help you figure out how animals are accessing your home.

You find nesting activity. If you have an attic space, check it for signs of nesting activity. Squirrels will bring piles of sticks and straw into the house, but they might also dig into your insulation. If you find areas of fluffed-up, disturbed insulation, you probably have squirrels or some sort of rodent problem.

Of course, out of all the signs listed above, nests might not always be noticeable. That’s because squirrels sometimes move into more hidden areas of your home, such as inside the walls where you can’t inspect thoroughly. Nevertheless, if you suspect a squirrel infestation, call us for professional pest control services.