When you want pests exterminated, you want them gone quickly and for good. And even more importantly, you want your family to be safe during the process. That’s why preparation is so important. When you follow these steps to prepare for your pest extermination process, you can help to ensure that we get the job done efficiently and safely.

Step One: Communicate with us. Ask us all the questions you want about the process. We always want to ensure that you feel comfortable with the pest extermination process. Make sure to tell us if anyone is pregnant, or if there are any infants in the home. And if any family members suffer from allergies, give us that information as well.

Step Two: Prepare your home. Tidying up will help us to access every area of your home, and to see everything we need to see. If we’re going to be working outdoors, mowing your lawn and trimming shrubs can both help us access necessary areas and discourage pests from returning. Make sure to put away all food that could be contaminated during a fumigation process.

Step Three: Follow instructions precisely. All people and pets should stay out of the home for the specified period of time.

Step Four: Follow up with prevention methods. If you were struggling with pests like roaches, fleas, or bedbugs, you should wash all bedding in hot water when you return to the home. Vacuum thoroughly, especially in hard-t0-reach areas, and cracks and crevices in furniture. Be diligent about keeping food put away, the trash removed nightly, and crumbs swept up off the floors and countertops. Don’t allow anyone to eat outside of the kitchen and dining room. And if you’re trying to discourage rodents from returning, make sure to seal up all potential entrances to your home.

And of course, remember to communicate with us if you have any questions. If for any reasons you have concerns about your pest extermination success, we will follow up with you to ensure eradication is complete.