Most people feel alarmed at the sight of a spider in their home. Some of you even suffer a more severe phobia of spiders, called arachnophobia. While most house spiders are harmless and don’t bite, that probably doesn’t comfort those of you who simply feel repulsed at the idea of them.

So, yes, in many cases you don’t need to worry about harmless house spiders. But if you don’t want them coming inside, and you especially want to repel the few species that are actually dangerous, follow these four steps to “spider proof” your home.

Block their entrances. Like anyone else, spiders need an actual opening into your home. Unfortunately, they’re much smaller than we are! Seal up cracks around doors and windows, and inspect your foundation for possibly entry points.

Clean up clutter. Spiders love a good place to hide. Declutter closets, storage rooms, the laundry room, and any other area of the home that tends to collect lots of miscellaneous stuff.

Clean up the yard. Locate your wood pile at least 20 feet from the house, and clean up any debris that has piled up around the yard. Don’t provide the ideal home for some types of spiders right next to the house, or they’ll happily move on into your home.

Manage moisture levels. Spiders enjoy humid areas. Fix any leaking faucets or pipes, clean up standing water, and properly ventilate your basement (if you have one).

Keep the kitchen clean. Food debris in the kitchen attracts ants and flies, some of the main food sources of spiders. Discourage other insects from invading your kitchen by cleaning up the pantry, wiping down countertops, sweeping the floor, and putting away leftover food daily. If ants and flies are scarce, so will be spiders.

But of course, sometimes pest infestations happen no matter how hard you work to discourage them. If you’re worried about the presence of spiders or any other insect in your home, give us a call for professional pest control services.