Now that it’s May, you’ve probably wrapped up your spring cleaning. You’re ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy summer by the pool or at the beach. But if you add these preventive steps to your cleaning routine, you can keep up the results of your spring cleaning plus ward off a pest invasion year round.

Vacuum regularly. Carpets provide the perfect place for crumbs to hide, not to mention insects and their eggs. When you vacuum regularly, you remove tiny food particles that might attract pests like rodents and roaches to your home. And you will also remove tiny insects as well as their eggs. If you have pets, in particular, regular vacuuming is a must. A flea infestation can be so difficult to eradicate that it’s always better to prevent the situation if you can.

Invest in food storage. Storing open bags of cereal, crackers, and other snacks in airtight containers prevents bugs and mice from getting to them. It also means that pests are less likely to smell food and come looking for it in the first place. And because vermin want to live near a good food source, storing your food securely means they’re unlikely to choose your home as their next place of residence.

Fix standing water issues. From leaking pipes to landscaping flaws, any type of standing water will attract pests. Like us, they want to live near a source of fresh water. Inspect your home for signs of standing water, and fix the issues that create those drips and puddles.

Take out the trash nightly. When you store trash in a closed container, preferably outside your home, you discourage mice and insects from coming indoors to look for their next meal.

Use pest-repelling scents around your home. This natural solution helps you to avoid chemicals around your home, and they smell nice too! Many pests are repelled by scents like mint, lavender, citrus, and tea tree oil. Use them in cleaning products or other scented items around the home.

If you do spot a sign of a pest problem, don’t despair. Sometimes, no matter how tidy you are, pests simply love your home as much as you do. Just give us a call at the first sign of a pest control problem, and we’ll help you take care of it quickly.