Like humans and just about any other animal, silverfish prefer to live near a reliable source of food and water. But you certainly aren’t hoping for this type of uninvited houseguest to move in. If any of the following signs are present, you might have a silverfish infestation… And you need a professional pest control service to help you get rid of it.

You have areas of high humidity in your home. Silverfish love to live in humid areas. That’s why they’re often found in bathrooms, particularly those that don’t have an overhead fan. But they can also move into your attic or basement, or even a laundry room or underneath a kitchen sink, when a slow, dripping leak provides a moist environment. If you have a plumbing or moisture problem anywhere in the house, you might find silverfish. This is particularly true if the spot also provides darkness.

You find cast-off silverfish skins. Silverfish molt throughout their lifetimes, and they’ll leave their cast-off skins anywhere they inhabit. If you find these, they’re probably not from an occasional visitor.

You find small, irregular holes in fabrics, papers, books, or even your wallpaper. Silverfish love to munch on these items, and they even love the glue in wallpaper.

You find yellow-hued stains on fabrics. Silverfish will leave behind a yellowish stain anywhere they spend a lot of time. Most commonly, you’ll find these stains on fabrics that they’ve been chewing.

You actually see them. Obviously, an actual sighting of silverfish is the number one sign that you have an active infestation. As with other types of insects, such as roaches, silverfish will often choose to inhabit dark and private spaces. So when you spot one or two that have ventured out into your home in search of a few food source, you can bet that many, many more are hidden away inside walls or under the floors. If you do spot a silverfish in your home, call us right away. Professional pest control service is the best way to tackle a silverfish infestation, and get them gone for good.