It’s that time of year that we all want to clean out our homes and freshen everything up for summer. As you dive into your spring cleaning frenzy, here are five things you can do with pest control in mind.

Take care of leaks and moisture. Like us, pests want to live near a source of fresh water. So if you have a leaking pipe, standing water, or clogged downspouts, it’s time to fix those problems. Cleaning up debris that might collect water around the yard is important too.

Seal up any potential entryways. As you clean, look for cracks around baseboards or windows, and seal them up properly (as a bonus, this can help with your energy costs too). Replace worn weatherstripping and repair broken screens in windows or doors. Then, walk around the outside of your home and check the perimeter for cracks and holes.

Spruce up the yard, too. Trim back branches that have encroached upon your home, since they encourage pests to travel inside. Remove dead trees or rotting stumps that provide the perfect nesting place for termites and other pests. And of course, cut the grass regularly and clean up old mulch and other debris that might encourage pests to nest around the perimeter.

Clean out the pantry. Sometimes we forget old items in the back of the pantry, like open cracker boxes and spilled snacks, that can attract roaches and unwanted critters. Reorganize this space and use airtight containers for food storage. Examine your trash storage methods as well; this can be a major lure for insects and rodents.

Consider a year-round pest control service. Prevention is almost always easier than the cure. Give us a call with your pest control concerns, and we can make a recommendation for regular preventive maintenance to keep your home safe from those obnoxious little invaders.