You might find people who think crickets are cute, or grasshoppers are a quaint sight in the garden. And as inconceivable as this idea can be, some people don’t even mind spiders too much! But you would be hard pressed to find a single person on this planet who doesn’t despise mosquitoes. These little bloodsuckers are annoying, their bites sting, and they can even transmit various blood-borne diseases.

If mosquitoes are bothering you this summer, take these steps to reduce their presence around your home.

Empty all water containers. Mosquitoes breed over standing water, so the last thing you want to do is allow water to collect in containers around your home. Empty wheelbarrows, buckets, or anything else collecting water, and address low-lying areas in your landscaping that tend to allow puddles to form. Remember to clean out your gutters, because water will collect in them when clogged.

Consider your landscaping choices. Some plants appear to attract more mosquitoes to your yard, while other repel them. They love water lilies, water hyacinth, water lettuce, bamboo, papyrus, and any flowering plants that produce a lot of nectar.

Luckily, many plants also serve as terrific mosquito prevention agents. Plant basil, marigolds, rosemary, citronella, peppermint, lemon balm, catnip, lavender, or bee balm to repel those nasty bloodsuckers.

Avoid peak mosquito hours, and habits that attract them. A large part of mosquito prevention is really just avoidance, because they’re so difficult to eradicate. Avoid going outside during early morning and late afternoon hours, if these pests have become a problem in your yard and garden. In addition, don’t drink alcoholic beverages outdoors, because they appear to love people who’ve enjoyed a beer or two! And since mosquitoes are attracted to many strong smells, you might want to avoid heavy perfumes and scented lotions when you’ll be spending time outdoors. Wear light-colored clothing, and in particular avoid wearing black.

Use an approved mosquito repellent spray. Spritz yourself with mosquito repellent if the bugs are particularly bothersome, and the above avoidance steps don’t seem to be helping. If the use of chemicals concerns you, try one of the natural sprays that includes herbal ingredients.

Call us for professional pest control services. If the above mosquito prevention tips don’t seem to be helping, it might be time to call in the professionals. We can assess your situation and help you to reclaim your yard from these obnoxious invaders.