With the weather warming up, it’s normal to see increased insect and rodent activity. But you want that activity to stay outside, in the yard and beyond… You don’t want those little pests to creep into your home! Since many common pests become more vigorous and invasive during the warm months, take these steps now to ward them off before a problem starts.

Look for moisture. Like all animals, insects and rodents want to live near a good water source. Make sure you’re not supplying them with a convenient one! Check your plumbing and repair leaks, eliminate areas near your home that collect water, and keep your grass trimmed.

Seal any entryways. It’s not always possible to completely eliminate entry to your home, but fill gaps and cracks, inspect windows and screens, replace worn weatherstripping, and trim back shrubs that are touching your home.

Spring cleaning. Your regular spring cleaning routine, including cleaning your gutters, scrubbing your baseboards, and removing excess clutter, will help to ward off a pest invasion.

Focus on the kitchen. In particular, focus on keeping the kitchen clean. Make sure you aren’t leaving out any food crumbs overnight, sweep and mop the floor regularly, take out the trash promptly, and keep all food (including pet food) stored in airtight containers.

Establish a preventive pest control plan. As with many things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Call us this spring to discuss a year-round pest control maintenance plan. We can help you understand why infestations occur, identify your risks, and help you manage your home to ward off a serious problem in the future.