Did you know flea and tick populations explode after a good, soaking rain? That’s because a humid environment provides the perfect condition to lay and hatch eggs. After the recent rain we’ve experienced in California, you might notice more fleas and ticks around your yard… And you definitely don’t want that!

Fleas in particular are difficult to eradicate once they infest your home. Dogs and cats actually don’t pick up fleas from other animals, in general. They get them from infested environments, such as your backyard. And once they’ve been transported into the house via your pet, you will begin to notice them everywhere. They might even leap out of the carpet and bite your ankles.

Obviously, it’s easier to prevent this situation than it is to remedy it! So now that we’ve experienced some rain in our area, you should be extra vigilent to discourage fleas from setting up a base camp in your backyard. Follow these six tips to ward off a flea or tick infestation that could infect your pet and spread to your home.

  • Keep your lawn mowed and clean up all debris
  • Don’t overwater your yard
  • Prune shrubs and trees to allow more light and air flow; fleas love humid, dank environments
  • Double check your pet’s favorite hangouts, and consider spot treatments in those areas
  • Keep trash put away and your yard free of anything that might attract excessive wildlife such as mice and raccoons
  • Treat your entire lawn with a 90-day pesticide

And of course, call us right away if you suspect a flea or tick problem developing in your yard or home. The earlier the treatment, the better, as more advanced infestations are more difficult to eradicate. We will help you get all of those nasty bloodsuckers out of your home, including their dormant eggs, and then offer tips to prevent the problem from recurring.