During the winter, we don’t expect to have many problems with insects. And yet, you might be surprised to find that ants are invading your home. Some species of ants are more likely to invade in the winter, such as Argentine ants, Carpenter ants, Ghost ants, and “Crazy” ants, among others. But you probably don’t care which species they are; you just want them gone!

Just like you, ants want to live somewhere warm and cozy, and enjoy access to food. They are often attracted to kitchens and dining areas, due to the higher likelihood of finding crumbs in those areas, but you might find them in other areas of the home too. You might also discover that ants are enjoying your pet’s leftover food, or getting into the food containers. If you frequently snack in the living room or bedroom, crumbs in those rooms will attract unwanted visitors. Clearly, one easy deterrent to ant invasions is simply keeping your kitchen and dining area very clean, and banning food from the rest of the home.

You might suspect an ant problem because you’re seeing a few stragglers here and there, or even a “train” of them leading from food sources back to a nest. Nests are usually located inside of walls or under floorboards, where you can’t see them, so chances are high that you have many more ants in your home than you can actually see! Simply attacking the ants that you spot won’t do much good, since the vast majority of the population is hidden.

No, the winter won’t simply “kill them off”. They’re nice and warm inside your home, and no matter how clean your kitchen is, ants will find something to eat. But if you attack the problem sooner, we have a better chance of a quicker resolution. If you’ve noticed ants in your home, give us a call right away, and we’ll address the problem with professional methods to eradicate them in their nests.