Bed bugs can be one of the most stubborn pest infestations, and for some reason (probably the name), people tend to feel a little bit embarrassed if/when a bed bug situation strikes them.  However, you can pick up bed bugs from a number of surprising sources, and once the little stowaways travel back to your home, they can multiply into a full-blown infestation pretty quickly. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that you can pick up bed bugs from…

Bus seats. Yep, really. No one is saying you should stop using public transit, but it doesn’t hurt to be on guard.

Uber vehicles. An uber vehicle probably carries far fewer people each day than a bus. On the other hand, it only takes one infected passenger (or their luggage) to spread bed bugs to each subsequent user of that Uber driver. Yikes!

Motel rooms. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that travelers commonly bring bed bugs home with them.

Your friends. Yes, you can pick up bed bugs at a friend’s house, and bring them home with you. Alternately, your friend could unknowingly bring some uninvited guests when they come to visit.

Your neighborhood bar. Some people even swear that their bed bugs hitched a ride from a bar stool. It’s not out of the question, and checking a restaurant’s health department score before eating there is probably not a bad idea.

Your used furniture purchase. Most people are on guard against purchasing used mattresses. But you might not realize that rugs, sofas, dressers, chairs, and any other household item could carry bed bugs into your home. Remember, they don’t only infect the bed!

Okay, so we’ve probably made you feel a bit paranoid, but that’s not our intention. The point isn’t to worry you about every place you visit, or person or item that comes into your home. The point is to say that if you notice signs of a bed bug infestation, don’t feel embarrassed. This is obviously something that can happen to just about anyone, so don’t delay seeking professional help (because at-home treatments usually fail when it comes to bed bugs).

If you do spend the night at a hotel, or purchase used furniture, just take the time to carefully inspect things. Look in seams and cracks for evidence of bed bugs, and thoroughly clean those terrific antique finds before bringing them indoors. With a little caution, it’s unlikely you will ever suffer a bed bug infestation, but if you do, just give us a call and we’ll get help to you right away.