If you’re struggling with a bed bug problem, you might focus on cleaning your mattresses and linens. While this is a smart thing to do, solely concentrating your efforts in the bedroom might not be effective. Bed bugs can actually hide in a variety of locations, which is one of the main reasons they can be so difficult to eradicate. And for those of you who don’t have a bed bug problem currently, but want to avoid it happening to you, it might help to know that bed bugs can hide in some surprising locations.

Stuffed animals. If you have kids who collect stuffed animals, it might be time to tell them Mr Bear needs a bath. This can be important if you (and a favorite plushy) travel to motels or other locations. Bringing used ones home can be risky.

Purses. Bed bugs enjoy hiding in the pockets and seams of purses, which is one way they can hitchhike home with you from motels. If you’re currently battling a bed bug infestation, clean out your purse! And if you just want to avoid the problem, think twice about purchasing used purses at thrift stores (or clean them thoroughly before you bring it home).

Fluorescent light bulbs. Bed bugs like to hide inside fluorescent light bulbs for some reason. Maybe it’s the heat? Be careful when checking for their presence, as you would any time you’re working around electricity.

Airplanes. Planes carry thousands of passengers, each of whom has stayed in a variety of motels recently. Any time you fly, it would be wise to vacuum out your luggage afterward.

Buses. The same rule can apply to buses. Of course, the situation gets complicated when your kids ride a school bus daily; no one has time to wash a backpack each night. Still, it doesn’t hurt to check it over, and to wash your child’s laundry promptly.

If preventive methods fail, and you do experience a bed bug infestation, give us a call. We can help you learn where to investigate, and get rid of them quickly.