What to Do About Ants in Your Home


You walk into your kitchen first thing in the morning, turn on the light... And discover a trail of "visitors" across the floor. Yikes! Why are ants suddenly invading your home, and what can you do about it? First, don't take [...]

What to Do About Ants in Your Home2020-04-19T20:42:27-07:00

Why Do Ants Come Out in the Winter?


During the winter, we don't expect to have many problems with insects. And yet, you might be surprised to find that ants are invading your home. Some species of ants are more likely to invade in the winter, such as Argentine [...]

Why Do Ants Come Out in the Winter?2020-04-13T19:28:53-07:00

Stopping the Summer Invasion


Now that summer is in full swing, and the weather has really heated up, you might be feeling grateful for the beach weather. But you're probably not so happy about the little critters you keep finding around your home! Not only [...]

Stopping the Summer Invasion2020-04-13T19:30:25-07:00

The Best Way to Eradicate Ants


We often get calls from homeowners who are completely disgusted by the amount of ants they suddenly find in their kitchen. They've raided the pantry, they're in the food, they're everywhere! It can be a discouraging thing to discover in your [...]

The Best Way to Eradicate Ants2017-09-08T09:02:58-07:00
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