What to Do About German Cockroaches


No one wants to deal with a roach infestation of any sort, but German cockroaches pose a more complicated challenge. While they're smaller than most other species of roach, they're hardy and quite a bit more stubborn to eradicate. How do [...]

What to Do About German Cockroaches2020-04-20T19:52:02-07:00

Are Roaches Becoming Immune to Pesticides?


If you've seen the recent news articles on roaches, you might be feeling pretty horrified right now. Reports have been circulating that roaches have become "immune" to pesticides. So does that mean we all must resign ourselves to world overrun by [...]

Are Roaches Becoming Immune to Pesticides?2020-04-20T19:57:52-07:00

Roaches Spread More Than Just Fear


No one wants to walk into their kitchen and spot roaches scurrying away to hide. Human beings carry a natural revulsion of the creepy, crawling insects, and most of us recoil at the thought of even touching one. But roaches can [...]

Roaches Spread More Than Just Fear2020-04-19T20:47:38-07:00

Why Do Roaches Keep Coming Back?


You've probably heard the "urban legend" about cockroaches: Assuming a nuclear event ever occurs, or some other type of apocalyptic, massive die-off of humans... Cockroaches will probably survive. Not only will they survive; they will thrive and take over the Earth! [...]

Why Do Roaches Keep Coming Back?2020-04-13T19:30:16-07:00
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