The do-it-yourself mentality is an admirable one. It shows that you’re open to learning a new skill, and that you’re willing to work hard at taking care of your home. But as you might expect, there can be a down side to DIY pest control, for the following reasons…

Pest control can be dangerous. Any pesticide that can kill insects or interrupt their breeding patterns is potentially composed of chemicals that aren’t exactly healthy for humans. And don’t forget your pets! Putting these chemicals in the wrong places, using too much of them, getting them on your skin, or inhaling them can all be hazardous. If you haven’t been professionally trained on how to use pesticides correctly, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk. Unfortunately, we don’t know what we don’t know. So many DIY-ers often assume they know how to apply these chemicals correctly, but they don’t.

DIY pest control is often ineffective. Most of the pest control products sold in stores are for more occasional use on random, pesky intruders. If you have a true infestation of rodents, roaches, or some other pest, the store-bought stuff is not going to do the job thoroughly. And in some cases, pests become immune to these products, leaving you with a worse problem than you had before using them.

You might end up spending even more money. The urge to save money is often the reason behind DIY projects, and that’s completely understandable. But with pest control, ineffective and amateur measures mean that the problem is not going to disappear. And it will likely get even worse as you struggle to contain your pests. Over time, you might find yourself spending money on one ineffective DIY treatment after another. Then, you finally give up after lots of wasted time and money, and call a professional pest control company.

The solution to these problems is to simply call us as soon as you suspect a pest problem. We can get the critters gone quickly and conveniently, so that you don’t put yoursel at risk, waste time and money, or struggle with one ineffective DIY method after another.

But if you want to do one thing yourself, we definitely recommend a thorough, deep cleaning! Put away food, clean out your pantry, vacuum cracks in the floor, and get your house spic and span. That’s a DIY measure that will discourage pests from ever returning.