First you notice some odd things going on around your home, like dirt tunnels and piles of “sawdust”. Then you receive the alarming news that you are, indeed, suffering a termite infestation. Now you’re facing termite damage to the structure of your home, and you’re wondering if homeowners insurance will cover the cost of repairs…

Unfortunately, in most cases this type of damage to your home will not be covered by your insurance policy. That’s because homeowners insurance is designed to cover damages from specific types of events, mostly randomly occurring and/or acts of nature (like floods, storms, fires, and so on). In rare cases a homeowners insurance policy will cover termite damage, but only when you selected that type of coverage as an add-on rider to your policy (and those riders aren’t available in many areas).

So, in most cases, this means you will be footing the bill for repairs due to termite damage in your home.

Because prevention is the best “remedy”, the better option is to have your home inspected for termites before you ever notice a sign of a problem. And if you want any type of “insurance” against the problem, we suggest purchasing a termite bond on your home. This is an agreement between you and a pest control company, to warranty their termite prevention treatments on your home. It’s not exactly insurance, but a termite bond does offer a significant amount of protection for your home.

With the average cost of repairs from termite damage amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, a termite bond is a smart investment in your home. In many cases the contract can even be transferred to new owners, if you decide to sell the home, and can even become a powerful selling point to prospective buyers. To learn more about termite bonds, give us a call for an inspection and quote on services. We can help you fend off termite damage before it ever becomes a problem in the first place.