We often get calls from homeowners who are completely disgusted by the amount of ants they suddenly find in their kitchen. They’ve raided the pantry, they’re in the food, they’re everywhere! It can be a discouraging thing to discover in your house.

The important thing to remember about ant colonies is this: The ants you can can see are just the ones who have left the colony in search of food. You are not looking at the main colony itself! So you can spray or do various things to kill the ants you’re finding in your pantry or on your countertops, but you’re not even touching the main colony. That is often located underneath the house, or outside, and more ants will just continue to invade your home.

Our pest control approach to an ant infestation is to attack the colony itself, not just the small fraction of ants who have entered your home in search of food. And the way we do this could be considered a bit sneaky: We use a product that doesn’t kill the ants right away. It takes about 72 hours to take effect, and in the meantime they are carrying it back to their colony and spreading it to their comrades.

In the meantime, the homeowner can help the plan succeed by removing sources of water and food. Without anything “competing” with the bait, the ants consume more of it and therefore take more back to their colony.

If you’re experiencing an ant problem in your home or office, give us a call and we’ll explain how we can get this problem under control.