If you’re battling a recurrent insect problem, you might be reaching your wit’s end. Yet, you’ve resisted calling a professional pest control company, because the idea of having your house tented and fumigated scares you. You might be worried about the amount of work leading up to this event, or about cleaning your home afterward. And most homeowners express concern that they’ll be walking back into a home full of toxic chemicals, and that exposure could harm their health.

So you’ll be happy to learn the truth about tenting and fumigating homes for pest control purposes… We don’t actually use any chemicals! Contrary to common belief, we aren’t spraying a fog of pesticides into tented homes. We’re simply using a gas that kills insects, because they can’t breathe properly once their air is altered this way.

First we tent your home, so that the “atmosphere” of your house is sealed inside. Then we introduce gas and use large fans to move it around the structure. The gas can penetrate up to three feet into walls, so it’s the best way to suffocate every last insect living inside your home. But once we turn off the fans and remove the tent, all the gas dissipates. There are no toxic substances left behind, and your home is safe to re-enter.

The entire fumigation process takes about 18 hours, plus time to set up and then remove the tent. So you won’t be out of your home for more than a couple of days. Once you re-enter, you’ll discover not a bug in sight!

If you’re struggling with termites or another stubborn insect infestation, call us to discuss whether tenting and fumigating the home is right for your situation. We can investigate your particular problem and then make a recommendation based on your particular problem and individual preferences.