If you’re struggling to eradicate fleas in your home, we can help with a professional pest control evaluation and treatments. But because fleas can be particularly stubborn, we should work together to achieve true eradication of these obnoxious little blood suckers in your home. The following steps should be performed at the same time as our treatments, so that we can attack fleas at every stage of development and in every place they might be hiding.

Vacuum. Before we come over to treat your flea infestation, you can get started. Vacuum the home thoroughly, focusing on crevices along the baseboards, down into the couch cushions, and especially around places that your pet frequents. This can help to remove as many eggs as possible. Use a vacuum with a bag and take the bag straight outside to the trash when you’re finished.

Steam clean your carpets. Steam cleaning carpets helps to remove even more eggs and larvae. Plus, you  might as well get this home maintenance chore finished up for the year, since you’ve just thoroughly vacuumed everything!

Wash your pet’s bedding. Wash your pet’s bedding in hot water at the highest heat setting on your washing machine. If the bedding was getting old anyway, just toss it out and start over with new bedding after we’ve completed your flea treatments.

Wash your own bedding. If your pet spends time in your bed, go ahead and repeat the above step with your own sheets and comforter.

Get your pet treated. Call your vet, and schedule a flea treatment for your pet. Otherwise your pet will simply pick up new fleas outside.

Communicate with us. Give us a call to schedule your flea treatments, and ask any questions that you might have. We can tell you what to expect from our pest control methods, and offer additional tips that can help resolve this problem.