One pest that particularly annoys homeowners (especially if you have arachnophobia) is spiders. Spiders tend to build webs in the nooks and crannies of your home, because they like to live under cavernous type areas. So you might find spider webs behind or under furniture, in storage boxes, or in the corners or eaves of your home.

Typically, when we treat a home for pests, we’re spraying around the foundation of the house. While this can be very effective against other types of insects, spiders won’t necessarily come into direct contact with our pest control treatments. So, you might still see spiders around your home for some time afterward.

That’s why we do “hand to hand combat” with spiders. We have special angled equipment that allows us to spray treatments directly into the types of places that spiders like to hide.

Another thing that you can do, as the homeowner, is go into your storage areas and get rid of excess clutter. Move the wood pile, and otherwise reduce the number of “spider homes” around your house. If spiders aren’t provided with their ideal environment, they will be discouraged from building webs around your home.

And of course, spiders do feast on other insects that might be found around your home. For example, many species of spiders love eating crickets. So, when we treat your home for crickets and other pests, we will remove the spider’s food sources.

Together, all of these measures can be utilized to eliminate spiders around your home. For more information, give us a call and we’ll help you do hand to hand combat with spiders.