If you’ve noticed a tiny army of creepy crawlies invading your home lately, you’re certainly not alone. While the weather has definitely cooled down a bit, we’re experiencing drought conditions in the area. So if you’re spotting ants all over your house, they’re there for one simple and understandable reason: They’re in search of water.

Of course, while their search for water is perfectly understandable, you probably don’t want a home full of ants. This can be especially true if you’ve managed to attract the kind that bite. Unfortunately, now that they’ve identified your home as a suitable shelter, ants can be difficult to eradicate.

First, you need to get rid of any food items that have been left available to these insects. Even just a package of open crackers or cereal can be majorly enticing to ants, who lead one another to the source of food. Seal up all food in airtight containers, put away leftovers promptly, sweep the floors each day, wipe down your kitchen countertops before bed every night, and consider tying up the trash. Leave as little available food as possible, and ants will often find somewhere else to seek their dinner.

Also, because they are in search of water, you should check to be sure you don’t have leaking pipes or standing water anywhere around your home. Turn off all faucets and appliances that use water, and then watch your water meter. If it moves, you probably have a leak somewhere. Not only can a slow leak lead to rotting wood and damage within your home; it also attracts problems like ants and termites.

But of course, sometimes nothing seems to work. Once you have an ant problem, you need to attack it at its source. Give us a call for professional pest control services, and we can help you get those obnoxious little crawlers out of your kitchen once and for all.