It’s already heating up outside, and bound to be even hotter this summer. That means backyard barbecues, fun in the pool, sunbathing… And itchy, obnoxious mosquito bites. Luckily, that last part is optional. Let’s get you started with mosquito-proofing your home now.

As with most things, prevention is really your best remedy. Take the following steps to discourage mosquitoes from even setting up camp in your yard.

  • Never allow standing water to accumulate; dump out kiddie pools, water toys, buckets, and gardening equipment after use
  • Clean out your gutters; this will ensure that water flows freely and does not pool
  • Identify depressions or holes in the ground that might create puddles when it rains; fill them to avoid standing water
  • Clean birdbaths and similar features every few days

The reason we focus so much on standing water is because that’s where mosquitoes breed and lay their eggs. Eliminating standing water won’t fully mosquito-proof your outdoor areas, because they’re flying insects that can easily migrate over from anywhere. But it will discourage them from viewing your home as a prime breeding ground, so you’ll cut down on their numbers greatly just by taking the above simple steps toward prevention.

And of course, you definitely don’t want mosquitoes getting into your home. So take the time to address any holes or cracks around windows and doors.

Finally, bug lights and other types of mosquito repellants can be helpful, although nothing is foolproof. Certain plants in your garden can even provide natural mosquito-repelling services, such as mint, rosemary, marigolds, nasturtium, lavender, and citronella. Planting these near areas that you intend to spend time outdoors, such as in planter boxes or a garden near your patio, can help you stay more comfortable.

But of course, sometimes all the prevention in the world does not achieve a 100 percent pest-proof yard. If mosquitoes concern you this summer, do give us a call so that we can provide prompt pest control services.