We all know the feeling of shock and disgust upon discovering a cockroach scurrying across the floor. Roaches are creepy, and most people feel a sense of deep revulsion when spotting one in the house. But those feelings of disgust might actually be biological rather than a simple phobia. Roaches aren’t just creepy; they can actually carry and spread many diseases.

As roaches scurry about your home, they drop feces and saliva that can contain germs. And like humans, whose skin sloughs off regularly, roaches also shed body parts. These parts contain proteins and allergens that can trigger allergy symptoms and even asthma in many people.

As for those germs, roaches can carry a number of them. The bacteria salmonella typhi, which causes typhoid fever, can actually be carried and transmitted by roaches. That’s one of the reasons outbreaks of typhoid fever tend to occur in densely populated areas. The presence of roaches can also lead to dysentery, a disease known for severe and dangerous diarrhea. And believe it or not, roaches can actually serve as a vector for polio!

Luckily, these more severe diseases are not so common in the United States anymore. But roaches can carry a number of more “minor” bacterial and viral diseases, that are still quite troubling and inconvenient for those who get sick. And since even milder illnesses can occasionally become severe in some people, it’s not a risk you want to take.

If you suspect a roach infestation – and yes, you can have a roach infestation even if you have only spotted a few roaches – give us a call right away. We can address the problem while the population is still quite small, so that the roaches don’t breed out of control and become much more difficult to eradicate. Professional pest control services can help you rid your home of those creepy crawlies, and keep your family safe from allergies, asthma symptoms, and other illnesses, too.