Just the thought of most pests running rampant through your home invites those “icky” feelings. But aside from the natural emotional response, many insects and rodents can actually contribute to health problems. In particular, we know of several issues that common pests can cause for all of us, but especially children.

Mice and rats. Some people are allergic to mice and rats, but few of us know this information. Rodent allergy testing is hardly a common procedure at most pediatricians checkups. But if your child displays symptoms of asthma that seem to flare up when they’re at home, this is an indication of an allergy to something in that particular environment. Allergies to mice and rats are common, though certainly are not the only culprit of these symptoms.

Dust mites. It won’t surprise you to learn that dust worsens allergy and asthma symptoms. Dust contains microscopic insects, called dust mites, that feed on the dead skin cells and other “ingredients” of dust. If mice or rats aren’t the culprit of your child’s allergy or asthma symptoms, the common dust mite allergy is another possibility.

Cockroaches. Finally, cockroaches are another common cause of respiratory troubles, especially in children. Not only can you be allergic to cockroaches themselves; they tend to spread other allergens as they crawl about the house. Viruses and bacteria are easily spread by roaches, too, so even a minor infestation can be the underlying cause of regular illnesses such as colds and stomach bugs.

Of course, health is a complicated subject, and we’re not suggesting that an insect or rodent is responsible for every one of your child’s sniffles and sneezes. But if you’ve noticed a few signs of a problem in the home anyway, give us a call about pest control right away. In the meantime, you might consider asking your doctor about allergy testing if you suspect allergies might be the true cause of respiratory distress in you or your child.