As a realtor, showing homes can be one of the most fun parts of your work. But of course, the initial walk-through with buyers can either make or break a prospective sale. That’s why a little advice to the homeowner can go a long way toward helping their home make a great first impression.

So imagine you’re showing a home, and the prospective buyers spot a few pests of the creepy crawly variety… Depending upon the buyer, this could signal a major problem for them! Luckily there are several ways to prevent bugs from making an appearance at the worst times. You can pass along these tips to the homeowner, as they get their home ready for showings.

Close any cracks or gaps. Walk around the home and check for potential entrances that pests could use to gain access to the inside. Repair ripped or torn window screens, and fill any cracks around windows, baseboards, or walls.

Reduce clutter. Insects love a good hiding place, so a storage room or garage can quickly become a popular nesting spot for pests. Plus, reducing clutter helps the home to look more roomy and appealing, anyway.

Check the plumbing. Small, undetected leaks can provide water that attracts insects into the home. You will also be able to tell prospective buyers that the plumbing was recently examined by a licensed plumber.

Keep the kitchen extra clean. The kitchen often carries significant weight with buyers. Focusing on thorough, regular cleanings will help the home show better, and also reduce tiny food particles that attract insects.

Reduce overgrown shrubbery close to the home. Not only will this improve the home’s curb appeal; reducing overgrown shrubbery can deter ants, mice, and other crawling pests from gaining access to the interior.

Prevention is obviously an important step to keeping a home clear of pests, but at times professional treatment is also needed. If you notice the presence of insects or other problematic invaders in a home that you’re listing for sale, please pass along our information to the homeowner.