You’ve worked hard to make your home cozy and inviting – but gophers and rodents weren’t the guests you had in mind! Whether they’ve invaded your home or just your yard, gophers and rodents wreak serious havoc.

Gophers, moles, and other lawn pests. Yes, even your landscaping can be damaged by rodents. At first glance, you might think your yard looks fine even with a few uninvited furry guests. But over time these pests will tunnel throughout your lawn, disrupting the turf and creating unsightly bare spots. The holes left behind can even pose a danger for trips and falls.

Rodents also enjoy gnawing on plant stems and roots, and they don’t care how much your flower beds will cost to replace. An uncontrolled rodent population, even outdoors, will create untold expenses and annoyance over time.

Rodents in the home. Even worse, many rodents prefer to take up residence inside your home. Not only will the sight of a scurrying mouse or rat give you a creepy feeling; they can damage important components of your home such as wires and insulation.

A rodent infestation doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. Like humans, animals simply want to nest and raise their young in a warm environment that provides access to food and water. You can lower the odds of a rodent infestation by having a rodent evaluation on your home. Without swift intervention, a rodent family can grow quickly and become exponentially more difficult to subdue.

Pest control service to the rescue! As an experienced pest control service, we aim to provide a fast response to your rodent problem. We will eradicate the current unwanted residents, while taking steps to prevent more from moving in.

You will notice a rapid decrease in their numbers right away, and our preventive measures will continue to repel rodents in the future. If you suspect a gopher or rodent problem, whether in your yard or the interior of your home, give us a call. We will inspect for signs of a rodent infestation, and help you eradicate them once and for all.