Often when homeowners are confronted with a pest infestation, their automatic reaction is to ask, “Should I use a bomb or fogger in my home?” These products seem like an obvious choice because you feel like you’ll eradicate the little pests instantly, everywhere in your home, and then you’ll be done with your pest control nightmare.

The thing is, that’s not actually true. Studies have shown that fleas, roaches, and other pests can build up an immunity to the active ingredients in bombs and foggers. Often what we see is that homeowners use these products, see an immediate reduction in the number of pests they see… and then a few weeks later, they start seeing more of them again. The understandable, knee-jerk reaction, is to say, “Well it worked a few weeks ago, so I need to use the bomb (or fogger) again!”

Here’s what those homeowners aren’t noticing: According to the labels on these products, foggers and bombs are flammable. They’re also dangerous to furniture and other belongings in your home. Using them once might be bad enough, but using them repeatedly is not only helping your pests to build a tolerance, but is adding risk to you and your possessions as well.

We really do not recommend use of bombs and foggers in your home. These products might appear to be effective initially, but your problem quickly returns. Meanwhile, you’re exposing yourself, your family, and your home to a lot of potential dangers.