If you’re like a lot of people, you’re feeling the itch to indulge in some spring cleaning right now. Add these tasks to your list, and you can prevent pest problems along with getting your home spic and span.

Clear out clutter. Many insects, like roaches and spiders, love to hang out in cluttered closets, storage rooms, garages, and attics. That’s because there are so many great places to hide! Clear out the clutter, and you can discourage nasty pests from taking up residence in your home.

Seal up cracks. When you clean your windows, look for damaged screens or cracks around the frames. And while you’re at it, address any cracks around doors, the foundation, or any other areas of your home that could allow insects to move in.

Clean out your gutters. It’s time to clean out your rain gutters to remove leaves and debris. This will prevent water flow problems but also discourage nesting behavior that can encourage pests to hang out around your house.

Tidy up the yard. Clear away any brush, rotting stumps, old wood piles, or other organic material that could attract pests. Rotting wood is especially important to remove, because it might attract termite swarms. Make sure no mulch is touching your home’s foundation, and trim back overgrown branches that come close to your walls or roof.

Repair leaking pipes. Like us, insects and rodents prefer to live close to a steady source of water. Repair any issues that contribute to excess moisture or pooling water, in or around your home.

Organize your pantry. And of course, pests are always on the hunt for food. Clean out your pantry, throw out old food, inspect for damaged packaging, and consider investing in an airtight storage system to discourage pests.

And if you do spot pest activity, such as dropping or nests, do give us a call right away. We will respond with prompt and professional pest control service that takes the problem off your hands.