Absolute no one wants to discover an insect infestation in their home. Most of us are at least mildly creeped out by bugs, and some of them can spread disease. Plus, some can sting or bite. And so, the moment you spot a few creepy crawlies around your home, the temptation to try a do-it-yourself treatment might arise. But before you set off those bug bombs, please read this blog!

Bug bombs aren’t always the answer. A wide variety of insectide products are available at your local home and garden store, but they’re not all created the same. Some of them just plain don’t work. Others can seem to work for a limited time, but then your problem returns worse than ever.

Many a frustrated homeowner has tried one bug bomb after another, with very little success. One or two cheap bug bombs can turn into months of investment into one product after another… And you’re still left with an insect infestation.

Bug bombs can be dangerous. Bug bombs “work” by fumigating your house. The idea is to release insecticide into the air, so that it can settle into every nook and cranny in your home. But of course, that’s precisely the problem. Now you have potentially hazardous chemicals spread all over everything, and it’s not exactly simple to clean up.

And if you don’t follow the instructions on the label precisely, bug bombs can lead to serious health concerns and even death when used improperly. Just take a look at the warning label and decide if this is really something you want in your home, without professional guidance!

Professional service is the way to go. Rather than wasting money on one DIY treatment after another, only to increase your own frustration and the amount of time you must live with pests, why not eradicate the bugs at the first sign of a problem? Give us a call for a professional evaluation, and we’ll help you deal with your roaches, fleas, bed bugs, or anything else that’s plaguing you. And then we’ll help you prevent their return.