While we shelter in place and continue to flatten the curve of this coronavirus epidemic, many of you might wonder how you should tackle certain home maintenance chores. Should you put off routine tasks like pest control, due to the necessity of inviting another person into your home? Or should you go ahead with your regularly scheduled home maintenance?

Obviously, we can’t make that decision for you. But we do want to update you on the measures we are taking to keep all of our customers as safe as possible.

First, if you need to consult with us on a pest control matter, it is possible to conduct a video call. We can discuss your concerns this way, and even take a look at potential signs of infestation or damage via video. It is not always possible to diagnose every problem in this manner, but sometimes we can narrow our possibilities. Then we can discuss your options. Video conferencing is a great way to start the pest control process, or follow up on the progress of an ongoing situation, while keeping a safe distance.

Then, if your situation does warrant professional pest control services, we will arrive at your home wearing personal protection equipment. This is for both our protection as well as yours. Our technicians have been briefed on keeping their distance and staying inside properties only long enough to complete necessary tasks. We take extra precautions with regard to sanitizing our equipment, so that you don’t have to worry about germs being spread from one location to another.

We’re all a bit on edge right now, especially regarding social distancing. But now is certainly not the time that you want to be stuck at home with unwanted pests! Give us a call if you have noticed signs of an infestation, and we can offer you swift and safe service while continuing to use best practices regarding pandemic preparedness.