Whether you’re buying or selling a home, at some point your real estate agent will bring up the topic of a termite inspection. It might be required by your lender (or your buyer’s lender), or it might be something that you consider as an option, additional layer of protection. Both buyers and sellers can benefit from a termite inspection in numerous ways.

Benefits for buyers. It goes without saying that real estate is an enormous investment and responsibility. And for many of us, it’s the largest purchase we will ever make. No one wants to end up in a house that needs thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs in the near future. But because termites can cause extensive structural damage, deep in the home’s framework where you can’t even see it, the possibility of a termite infestation is definitely something you want to rule out.

A professional inspection offers you that peace of mind, because your termite inspector can discover signs of termites that most people would never notice.

But take heart. If evidence of a termite infestation is found within your dream home, that doesn’t necessarily mean you must give up on the purchase. An active termite problem can become a powerful bargaining chip when making a deal. You could negotiate the price down considerably, perform the necessary pest control and repairs, and end up with a beautiful home that is protected against reinfestation.

Benefits for sellers. Despite the risk of discovering an active termite infestation, an inspection offers many benefits to sellers as well. First, you don’t want to risk selling a home with a serious problem, that could result in liability for you later. But if you do discover a termite issue, repairs can be completed which potentially add to the value of the home, and then offering a termite bond to your buyers can reassure them that the property is protected.

Most lenders require a termite inspection, anyway. If you don’t conduct one, you could be limited only to cash buyers, which could reduce competition for the property and potentially result in a lower final price. But advertising the house as already protected by a termite bond will increase your prospects.

If you’re in the market to buy a home, or you’re thinking about selling your property, call us right away. We can help you protect your interests in the property, and reach a satisfactory conclusion to the deal.