Many of us wait until a problem presents itself before we take action. But we know that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, with regard to just about everything in life. That’s true for our health, vehicle maintenance, financial problems, and yes, home repairs and pest control.

So if you tend not to bother with pest control services until you see active signs of an infestation, here’s why that’s a bad idea: Insects and rodents can hang out within your home for quite some time before you notice signs of them. At first it’s just a few intruders, but then they decide your home is a great place to raise a family. They begin breeding, and short life cycles mean several generations are born in a relatively small span of time.

And then, one day you begin to notice signs of their activity. You see droppings, or critters go scurrying when you turn on a kitchen light at night. At this point, the problem has already grown significantly, and will be more difficult to eradicate. In the meantime, your family has been exposed to the health risks associated with roaches, rodents, and so on.

In the case of termites, especially, we know that once you’ve seen the signs of trouble they have probably already damaged your home. You might suspect a termite infestation once you begin noticing small piles of “sawdust” – which means the destructive pests have already begun chewing their way through your home. If you can see damage in certain spots, there is no telling what kind of damage might exist in the places you can’t see.

If you treat a pest problem once, you might only eliminate the adults, but eggs are waiting and ready to hatch. So the cycle can easily start all over again, very quickly. That’s why year-round pest control services are so important. You can address a developing pest infestation before it balloons out of control, and then you can manage any developing recurrences swiftly and efficiently.

Give us a call to discuss our annual contracts, and we can help you protect your home all year long.