For real estate buyers and realtors alike, the home inspection can be a nail-biting experience. Will the inspector find a serious problem with the home’s plumbing, wiring, roof, or other structure? Will the necessary repairs kill the deal? Will the buyers opt to simply walk away from what appears to be a problem house?

On the other hand, as intimidating as they are, the home inspection can save both home buyers and realtors a lot of time, money, and heartache down the road. The last thing buyers want is to end up locked into a bad deal, and realtors certainly don’t want to be accused of having known about defects in the home (however misplaced those allegations might be). The home inspection brings everything out into the open, so that buyers can make an informed decision about the purchase.

But do home inspectors really find every potential problem? Imagine a situation in which a serious termite or other infestation is discovered only after closing day. The buyers might feel overwhelmed with the trouble of dealing with a pest control situation in their brand new home, and the cost of repairs due to damage can be upsetting. Unfortunately, this occasionally does happen, because home inspectors are not always well versed in the potential signs of a pest problem.

For that reason, asking a qualified pest control technician inspect the home should be Part Two of any home inspection plan. We can check for signs of termites and associated damage, and also evidence of rodent activity. These are often the most financially damaging forms of infestation, but others such as roaches, ants, and spiders can also cause problems for new residents.

It’s easier to treat a home for pests in between residents, rather than having to deal with it later. Plus, we can help identify areas of damage from termites or rodents, so that buyers can work those repairs into the final offer on the home. Then, a termite bond helps the new owners feel more confident in the protection offered to their home.

If you’re a realtor working with home buyers or sellers, give us a call to schedule Part Two of your home inspection. We can help prevent buyer’s remorse, and contribute to a more satisfactory real estate transaction.