This is a pest control blog, so you’re probably not surprised to read a few unsavory details regarding rodents and insects from time to time. But what we’re sharing with you today might gross you out a little more than usual. While you already want to avoid pests in your home, there is a surprising way that they can harm your health… And you probably haven’t even thought of it yet.

Did you know pests like rodents and roaches can get into your HVAC system? And once they’re inside the vents and ductwork, they can do a lot of damage. But that’s not all. Prepare yourself to read something a bit disturbing…

Since your HVAC blows air throughout your home, it can also help to circulate any diseases potentially brought into your home by pests. Yes, really.

Mice, rats, roaches, and even animals like raccoons and snakes have been known to invade HVAC systems and wreak havoc. But where pests live, so does their urine and feces. And because many pests can carry viruses and bacteria that are transmissable to humans, droppings and urine are the very last things that you want present in your home’s air circulation system. Talk about gross!

And on top of that, many people experience an increase in allergy symptoms upon exposure to certain pests. So if anyone in your household has allergies, you definitely want to be sure that nothing is living in your ductwork and vents.

Aside from the obvious health risks, rodents and even raccoons have been known to chew into ductwork, damaging HVAC systems. And if they decide to chew on electrical wiring, watch out. They could create a significant fire risk.

Luckily, you would probably know if you have a pest situation that has gotten this badly out of control. But because prevention is always much easier (and more affordable) than eradication, regular inspections and treatments for pests is the best way to protect your home and family. If you spot any sign of a pest invasion, call us immediately so that we can get to work on the problem before it gets out of control – and into your HVAC system.