During the holidays, you may be traveling or inviting guests into your home. This can present the perfect opportunity for unwanted pests to invade. Follow these tips to help ensure that the only surprise visitor you’ll be seeing is a jolly man sliding down your chimney.

If you’re traveling… Bedbugs will be your primary concern. These obnoxious critters are difficult to detect and can stowaway in your luggage in order to return home with you. If you’re staying in a hotel, check the mattress and pillows carefully before going to bed. Look closely in crevices, such as between the mattress and box spring, and between the mattress and wall.

Pack your clothes in resealable plastic bags inside your luggage. Use the luggage rack and avoid placing your suitcase on chairs or the floor.

When you return home, unpack your luggage in the garage or another outdoor area if possible. Vacuum your suitcase before putting it into storage. If you’re extra worried about bed bugs, wash your clothes at a high temperature (140 degrees) or have them dry cleaned before putting them away.

If you’re staying home… Food will become your primary concern. With a house full of guests, it will become more difficult to stay on top of routine chores. Make the kitchen your top priority, wiping up spills, putting away leftovers, and sweeping up crumbs several times per day. Store baked goodies and other snacks in airtight containers. If you’re truly overburdened, consider hiring a cleaning service to stop by and help.

Remember that bed bugs can lurk on mass transit such as buses and taxis. If you can, pick up your guests at the airport yourself.

After guests depart, clean out the guest room immediately. Pay special attention to washing bed sheets and carefully vacuuming the mattress and all crevices.

If you do notice signs of a pest control problem developing, don’t delay. Give us a call so that we can put a stop to the problem before it ruins your holiday cheer.