“I don’t want a lot for Christmas… Definitely not bed bugs”. Okay, that’s not how the song goes. But we can probably assume that bed bugs are low on the list of things you want for Christmas! But if you’re traveling, stowaway bed bugs are definitely a risk factor. Use these tips to avoid bringing home the unwanted pests from hotels or Air B&Bs.

Inspect your hotel room carefully. As soon as you check in, inspect the room for signs of bed bugs. Using a flashlight, look between the mattress and sheets, between the mattress and headboard, and in the crevice between the mattress and box springs. These are the most common places to find bed bugs.

However, you might also discover them hiding behind pictures on the walls, in the cracks of chairs and sofas, and on the luggage rack. If you see anything suspicious, return to the check-in desk right away. They can book you into a new room, preferably in a different area of the hotel.

Unpack carefully when you return home. It’s always a good idea to unpack this way after returning from any trip, but especially if you’ve begun to suspect a bed bug problem. Remove your clothes from suitcases outside of the house, and immediately wash everything in hot water. Don’t toss your clothes in the laundry hamper or stash your suitcase under the bed! Disinfect the suitcase – again, outside – before storing it anywhere in the house.

If your best efforts fail and you do discover signs of a bed bug problem, we recommend that you call us for professional pest control services right away. Do-it-yourself treatments almost never work for bed bugs, and they multiply and get out of control quickly. Let us handle the problem, so that you can focus on resting up from your trip and planning your New Year’s resolutions.