Spring has arrived, and along with it, the pests you don’t want around your home. When the weather warms up, most insects and other pests begin to increase their activities and invade new spaces. If you want to repel them, be on guard for these common unwanted nuisances.

Carpenter ants. While ants don’t usually elicit fear or horror, they can be mighty destructive. This is particularly the case with carpenter ants, who make their homes in the walls of your house. They tunnel into the wood, and over time, will damage the internal structures. You might see ants around your home, or evidence of their tunneling (such as little piles of wood shavings).

Spiders. Spiders come out to search for food, which consists of other insects. So, if you witness their presence in your home, it is likely that you already have other insects scurrying about. Spiders won’t hang out, especially in large numbers, in areas without a good “food supply”.

While some spiders can be dangerous, most household variety spiders are harmless to humans. The concern here is not necessarily harm for you or your family, but the fact that their presence indicates other insects within the home.

Bees and wasps. Bees and wasps will hang out inside the walls of your home or other sheltered areas during cooler months, but will become active in the Spring. The main danger from bees and wasps are their stings. It’s never fun to be on the receiving end of a sting, and it can be dangerous if you’re allergic. However, since bees are an essential part of our ecosystem (and currently dwindling in numbers) we recommend that you don’t kill them. Call an expert to remove a bee hive if you encounter one.

Fleas. Flea infestations are common in households with pets, especially during the warmer months. Remember to treat your pets for fleas, and if a problem seems severe, call for help with in-home or even yard treatments.

Remember to keep food put away, and to sweep and mop your floors regularly, since food often attracts ants, roaches, and other common insects. If you see any signs of the above pests, or any others that concern you, give us a call. We can make recommendations for warding off a full-blown infestation, and come treat your home or yard if necessary.