If you hire a termite inspection on your property, you might think your inspector will glance around and then give you a simple yes or no regarding the presence of termites. But actually, the service includes much more than this!

Yes, we look for signs of termites, such as their tunnels, discarded wings, or piles of “sawdust” from their damage. But we will also note signs of other pests that can damage the wood structures of your home. Some of them, such as wood-eating ants or beetles, can do significant damage by tunneling and nesting inside your home. We will focus, in particular, on any type of pests that we’ve noticed to be a common problem in your area lately.

We will also make note of any damage that we find – the location, the extent of the damage, and how pressing repairs are likely to be. And even if we don’t find any areas that have been damaged by termites or other pests, we can note the presence of risk factors. We look for cracks in your mortar, peeling or cracked paint, and openings in your home’s foundation. Even if we don’t find any evidence of pest activity, we can advice you of your risk factors so that you can take steps to eliminate them.

And finally, we can inform you of any insect attractants present on your property. While a home can be invaded by termites under just about any circumstances, the presence of certain attractants make a termite infestation much more likely. We take note of things like rotting wood, old tree stumps, piles of debris, and other things that tend to attract termites.

From the termites’ point of view, they just want to munch on old wood… But insects don’t know the difference between discarded brush piles and your home! So you don’t want them hanging out in your yard, potentially moving into your house next.

We can diagnose the presence of termites, but also other pests. We can assess the extent of damage if you do have a termite problem. And in the event that we discover risk factors that make infestation more likely in the future, we will notify you of those too.

Give us a call to schedule your termite inspection, and in one day we can protect your home and investment for years to come.