One of the most frustrating things about pests is that you never truly know just how many are hiding out in your home. If you spot one mouse, or just signs of mouse activity, you can be sure that their family is nearby (or soon will be). After all, one female mouse can produce about 35 babies per year. And once those babies start having babies… You can see where we’re going with this.

So let’s assume you’re seeing signs of mice, or even hearing scratching in the walls, but you have no idea exactly where they’re hiding out. How will you remove pests that are hiding inside walls or attics?

Prevention. As always, prevention of a problem is always the best remedy. Seal up any holes, gaps, or cracks that can provide an entry point to your home. Repair damaged screens, install door sweeps on exterior doors, replace weather stripping, and repair loose mortar.

Those methods will help to ensure that mice can’t get in… But what if they already are?

Traps aren’t the greatest solution. If you live trap the mice and release them outdoors, they’ll just come back. Traps that kill mice are obviously a bit more effective, but trapping one here and there doesn’t exactly solve the entire problem. If an entire colony of mice lives within your walls, this method could take time. And in the meantime, they’re still breeding!

It’s more likely that for every mouse you manage to trap, another is moving in or birthing a litter of babies. Relying upon traps often becomes a never-ending “solution” that doesn’t solve much.

Call a professional. A pest control professional can assess the situation and target the mice where they live. By getting to the source of the problem, you can eradicate those unwanted guests quickly. Then, we can make recommendations to discourage any more mice from taking over the territory.