Bees are one of the most beneficial insects in our ecosystem. In fact, without bees our plants couldn’t pollinate and we would face a serious problem with regard to growing crops for food. We would also have much fewer beautiful flowers to enjoy. So you definitely want to respect bees and their role in our world, but at the same time, there are cases in which bees can become a nuisance. Here’s what you can do.

What type of bees do you have? Ordinary bumblebees won’t harm you, other than the occasional sting. But carpenter bees can become a real problem around your home. They do burrow into wood in order to build their nests, and over time this can be destructive to various structures. If you notice holes of about one half-inch in diameter, seemingly drilled into the wood outside your home, you probably have carpenter bees. You might even see them coming and going from the holes.

What you can do about carpenter bees. If you do have carpenter bees, the main thing to remember is that anything you use to kill them will also kill bumblebees. And even though carpenter bees can be destructive wood structures, they also serve as valuable pollinators for the environment. So killing them really isn’t the best plan. Instead, focus on encouraging them to choose another home for their nesting activities.

Since carpenter bees prefer unfinished wood, paint or varnish all wood around your home. Also, because carpenter bees like to reuse old nests, you can caulk them in the fall after nesting activity has finished for the season. This way you won’t kill any bees, but will discourage them from using your home.

Don’t attemp to seal carpenter bee holes while nesting activity is ongoing, as they will simply drill another hole to exit!

You can also use a commercially available carpenter bee trap to capture the insects, and then release them elsewhere. Of course, flying insects go where they please, and they could simply return.

What if you’re allergic to bees? We do understand that if you’re severely allergic to bees, their presence presents more than a simple annoyance. If you discover a hive around your home, call the experts for help with removing it.

Give us a call for all of your pest control needs, and we will evaluate the situation and help you decide how to proceed.