If you’ve ever suffered through a cockroach infestation, you noticed something alarming: Roaches are extremely difficult to eradicate! But why?

Evolution contributed to the development of an organism that is ideally designed to compete and thrive it its environment. Roaches have exoskeletons composed of overlapping plates that are connected by a membrane, similar to the armor on a knight going into battle.  This tough armor protects them as they scurry about your home, seeking food and nesting spots.

These plates are also flexible, allowing roaches to fit through tiny cracks so that they can effectively hide where you cannot reach them. Because roaches spend most of their time hiding and nesting in places you would never even expect, it can be difficult to even know how extensive the infestation is. But we’ll give you a hint: For every roach you spot in your home, there are many times more of them hiding where you cannot see.

Roaches have also evolved to be hardy in a variety of temperatures and environmental conditions. So, they don’t tend to die off in extreme weather like some other creatures might.

Finally, roaches are adept at seeking out and discovering food in almost any location. Their extremely sensitive sense of taste and smell allows them to find nutrients in places that you might not expect.

You might have often heard the joke that cockroaches will be the only organism to survive a wide-scale nuclear event. Well, that might not be a joke! Roaches really do seem to have won the evolutionary development race. But luckily we understand their vulnerabilities, and know how to eradicate them.

So if you do suspect a roach infestation, don’t lose hope! But do call us right away, so that we can begin to aggressively treat the problem right away. Faster action equals faster results, so give us a call to discuss professional pest control services now.