The DIY (do-it-yourself) trend is going strong, with homeowners often saving big bucks by tackling their own home improvement projects. Sometimes, doing things yourself is a great idea… And other times, not so much. If you’re considering DIY rodent control, we urge you to read this blog first.

The danger of DIY products.  Eliminating rodents generally involves chemicals, and these can be dangerous to you and your pets when used incorrectly. Professional pest control technicians are trained on using these chemicals correctly, so that you don’t have to worry about the risk.

Quick remedy versus prevention. DIY pest control products are designed to kill pests on sight, but not so much designed for prevention. Professional pest control treatments are aimed not only at eradicating the existing rodents, but also at preventing preventing them down the road.

Long-term effectiveness. This is the largest area of concern with DIY rodent control products. One problem is that pests often adapt to, and overcome, many types of chemicals. In some cases you can even end up with a more stubborn pest problem than you had before beginning treatment! Another reality of DIY pest control is that it tends to treat only the “seen” problems. But when you see a rodent out in the open, there is usually a much larger hidden problem deep within the walls, ceilings, and subflooring. Professional pest control methods aim to get into those hidden spaces to eradicate the problem once and for all.

What about recurrence? For the reasons listed above, homeowners often believe they have found success after their initial use of a DIY rodent control treatment. But the problem soon returns, often worse than it was before! That’s why you should aim to knock out pests with your very first attempt. That’s hard to do when you’re either inexperienced or using non-professional products (or both).

Time wasted. Homeowners often spend weeks, months, or even years battling a pest control situation that could have been easily solved by a professional. Don’t waste your time and cause even more frustration for yourself; just give us a call as soon as you need us.

Guarantees for the future. With a professional pest control treatment, you’re often offered a guarantee on the services. In the unlikely even that your problem does return, a technician will come right out to address it. No DIY pest control product on the market offers that kind of guarantee!

If you’ve noticed signs of a pest problem in your house, we urge you to contact us first. We will get the job done right the first time, preventing the above problems and allowing you to enjoy your home again.