You’ve probably heard the “urban legend” about cockroaches: Assuming a nuclear event ever occurs, or some other type of apocalyptic, massive die-off of humans… Cockroaches will probably survive. Not only will they survive; they will thrive and take over the Earth!

We don’t know for sure whether that’s actually true, of course. But we do know that roaches have been around for about 200 million years. Nothing has managed to eradicate them yet! And that might include your household pest removal strategy.

You saw a few roaches lurking around your kitchen, you sprayed them, and they died… So why do more and more roaches keep appearing?

The answer is simple, but it will make you think about your approach. You only killed the roaches you could see. And unfortunately, when you see one roach, there are probably dozens, hundreds, or even thousands hiding nearby.

That fact might make you recoil in horror, but it’s true. Roaches usually nest in secluded places, and then leave the nest in search of food. So, you might see a few scouting for crumbs, but you didn’t discover their permanent residence. The nest is somewhere inside your walls, under the floorboards, hidden in a cupboard, or even just outside. If roaches have an easy entry point to your home, they will invade… and keep coming.

So, how do you get rid of them for good?

You have to remember that the roach sprays you can purchase at the dollar store only kill on contact. So, yes, they will kill the obnoxious uninvited “guests” you find on the kitchen floor late at night. But their cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends are still back in the nest. You’ll meet them tomorrow night, and the next, and the next….

You might spray them, too, but their babies will be hatching soon!

So, rather than fight a never-ending battle, you need to formulate a plan to win the war. That’s why a comprehensive approach is absolutely essential if you want to rid yourself of roaches completely.

We use strategies that locate and attack the nest itself, so that you can drastically reduce your hidden roach population right away. Then, with follow-up treatments, we can eliminate any stragglers and prevent new unwanted guests from moving into your home.

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