Typically, we think of summertime as “bug season”. And it’s true that certain pests, like mosquitoes, are more active when the weather is warm. But when things cool off outside, insects and rodents want to stay warm just like us. So what do they do? They move into your home – or at least, they try to. Watch out for these common pests this winter, and remember that a little prevention goes a long way.

Spiders. In California, black widow spiders become more active in winter months. Because they are extremely venomous, this is the very last pest that you want to move into your home. Watch out for webs in spots like doorways and underneath stairs, and remove any that you see right away. Keep storage areas tidy, because spiders love lots of clutter in which they can hide.

Ants. The problem with ants is that you might spy them in one spot (such as your kitchen) but their colonies are hidden elsewhere. You might notice more of them invading your home during winter months, but have no idea where their home base is even located. Remember that ants come in search of food, so keep the kitchen very tidy with food put away in airtight containers. If you do spot ants in your home, we should address the problem with a pesticide that they take back to their nests.

Rodents. When the weather cools off, warm-blooded creatures like rodents are looking for a cozy place to nest for winter. Unfortunately that might include your crawl space, attic, or inside your walls. Make sure all potential entrances to your home are sealed up, and remove tempting items like open food containers, unsecured trash cans, and sources of water.

Bed bugs. Bed bugs are simply undeterred by winter, because they typically live indoors anyway. But watch out for bed bugs if you travel over the holiday season or welcome guests into your home. They move from place to place by hitching a ride on unsuspecting travelers.

It’s always better to attack quickly than wait until a problem is more out of control. If you do suspect pest activity around your home, call us for professional pest control services right away.