Termites build their nests deep inside your home’s structures, so you might wonder how we can even determine if they’re present. Plus, how do we eradicate them without removing entire walls, floors, or ceilings? Rest assured, we can identify a termite infestation and even figure out where they are. Then we can deliver the right treatments to the right spots in your home, and get rid of those destructive pests for good.

First we will observe the more obvious, visible signs of a termite infestation. We might actually find their dirt tunnels on the foundation of your home, or notice discarded wings around windows and other entry points. Small piles of what looks like sawdust is another common sign of termites. We might also notice damage in your home that is suggestive of a termite problem.

To find the colony more precisely, we have methods of identifying termite locations that are not readily visible.  Doing this allows us to attack termites at their source without the need to tear apart your home looking for the colony!  Then, if there is concern about more termites potentially entering your home, we can also treat the perimeter to keep the pests out.

Once your home has been treated for termites, you might need to repair damaged wood by working with a contractor. But our work can actually be performed very discreetly and carefully, so that we don’t have to damage your home in order to get the termites out.

If you have any further questions about termite inspection or treatment, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process.