We often remind home sellers and buyers of the importance of seeking a termite inspection and bond. But termite infestations can happen to any homeowner, at any time. A termite inspection (and pest control services, when necessary) should be performed by all homeowners on a regular basis, not just those getting ready to buy or sell.

It’s important to understand the extent of damage that a termite infestation can inflict upon your home. Termites often go unseen and undetected for years. Because they’re tiny insects who build their colonies in hidden places, and because most people aren’t trained to spot the signs of a problem, a termite infestation can become quite advanced before you ever notice anything amiss. In fact, they often go unnoticed for several years before a homeowner suspects something is wrong.

And that’s why termite infestations can often cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages. It’s a slow-growing problem that often occurs deep within your home’s structural framework where you don’t notice it. Termites munch on the wood in attics, subflooring, or inside walls, often until the entire structural integrity of the home is compromised. And repairing damage that deep can involve tearing out floors, walls, or ceilings… And then, of course, replacing everything.

Most of us don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around, that we can spend on sudden and desperately needed home repairs. And even if we did, why spend that kind of money when prevention is so easy?

The best course of action is to protect your investment with regular termite inspections, and of course treatment when necessary. The small feel you pay today could save you thousands of dollars in years to come. And you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

If you haven’t sought a termite inspection in the past year or two, don’t delay. Give us a call, and let’s get your home checked out and then rechecked annually. That way a small problem today can never grow into a huge problem tomorrow.