If you’ve noticed some strange, brownish-silver insects crawling around in your home, you might have a silverfish infestation. Because they’re attracted to humidity, silverfish are most commonly spotted in bathrooms or other areas of high moisture. But once they spread throughout the house, they will eat items from your pantry, chew up old papers and books, and even gnaw on upholstery and clothing. Not only are they creepy looking; silverfish can be quite destructive.

So, aside from the “ick factor” of finding silverfish crawling about the house, you want to act quickly to protect your belongings. First, you will want to make your home inhospitable to these creepy crawlies. Lower the relative humidity in the house by:

  • Eliminating causes of standing water
  • Ventilating the attic or any closed rooms
  • Using a bathroom fan when you shower
  • Running your air conditioner
  • Purchasing one or more dehumidifiers for problem areas

As with other types of insect infestations, sealing up food and thoroughly cleaning your kitchen every day will reduce their potential food sources. Remove piles of old junk mail and other papers, and remember to use plastic tote boxes for storage instead of cardboard. Clean your gutters regularly, and keep yard debris away from the house. Caulk up holes around windows and doors, and use weather stripping and/or tight-fitting screens.

The above methods will prevent a silverfish infestation, and make it less likely to recur if you already have one. But for an active infestation, you will need a professional pest control service. For silverfish to be eradicated, we need to spray the right areas of your home. We might also need to use insecticide bait or dust in tough areas like attics, storage rooms, or basements. For homes with small children or pets, we must use extra care to place these insecticides in a way that won’t harm your family.

Silverfish look creepy and can do a lot of damage, but prompt attention to the problem can get them removed from your home quickly. Give us a call any time you notice a new insect around the house, and we’ll help you deal with the problem quickly and safely.